Miro Gavran, writer

John the Baptist

A novel, 284 pages

This novel is set in the first century AD, largely in the region of Galilee and Judea, and partly in ancient Rome, at a time of tumultuous political and religious ferment. The main characters in the story are two young men, Elisha and Bileam and the young femme fatale, Salome. Their lives all change in various ways once they meet John the Baptist.

This intriguing novel is permeated with strong emotion, passion and rapture. Jesus Christ appears as one of the characters in the tale.

John the Baptist has been published in Croatia in seven editions
Translated and published in English, Spanish and German Language

The Critics:

Thanks to a sound choice of personalities, excellent characterisation and convincing descriptions, Gavran has managed to conjure up for the reader not only interesting human characters, but also the spirit of times past.

NOVI LIST, Marinko Krmpotić

With the brilliance of the story, the characterisation and personalities, the finely honed language and the narrative composition, this work by Gavran can definitely be seen to be the outcome of prolonged consideration and exhaustive work. The skilfully formed characters and their traits are extracted from everyday life to present a new reality, coloured with the imagination of the author.

SVJETLO RIJEČI, Zvonko Benković

Gavran’s John the Baptist is interesting literature, a well-structured and well-told story, and proof of the full maturity of this teller of tales, a writer who has long proved himself as a playwright and now definitely conquers the field of prose with his Baptist.


As this novel speaks of universal values, the final message is deeply human and uni- versal.