Miro Gavran, writer

The Only Witness to Beauty

A Novel, 170 pages

The Only Witness to Beauty is an intriguing love story that unfolds in an identifiable Zagreb setting, with short episodes set on the exotic island of Malta. The hero is a forty-year-old in love with a mysterious young woman. Unusually sensitive characters, torn by emotions that overwhelm them, try to bond the fragments of their innermost feelings. Toying with truth and lies, this novel also toys with various story-telling per- spectives, offering the reader memorable enjoyment.

The novel has gone through two editions in Croatia in only three months
Translated and published in English and Bulgarian

The Critics:

Miro Gavran’s new novel The Only Witness to Beauty stands out from this author’s work to date with sufficiently untypical features as to represent a freshness and innovation of sorts while, thanks to that fact that it offers at the same time the recognised qualities of this writer, it will undoubtedly experience the popularity of his work to date and be one of the most sought-after titles in Croatian bookshops and libraries in the months to come.

NOVI LIST, Marinko Krmpotić

Readable, entertaining prose composed in a masterly fashion, with an interesting female character.

VIJENAC, Strahimir Primorac